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Real, natural taste

Real – not imitation or artificial; genuine [The New Oxford Dictionary of English]
Do you know the taste of real chocolate? Dark, intense, extracted from the heart of the cocoa bean, seductive, and even addictive…
Corporations producing large volumes of chocolate are focused on increasing profitability. To achieve that they add to their products flavourings, emulsifiers and other enhancers. The vast majority of chocolate bars are made of semi-products, so the price is lower, but the taste of real cocoa is lost in the process…
As a manufacturer, we make sure that our chocolate is produced exclusively from ingredients of the highest quality. We manually select the best beans and produce cocoa mass, to which other ingredients are added. Our chocolate has an authentic, natural taste.

Each chocolate bar is unique

Our chocolate is hand-made in the traditional way, as it was done centuries ago. This is what distinguishes us from the factories which produce high volumes of mediocre chocolate. In our plant we make small volumes of chocolate, so as to pay a great deal of attention to each chocolate bar.
We are the only place in Poland where cocoa beans are magically transformed into real chocolate. Our passion is reflected in each piece of the artisan product.

Many years of research have confirmed a number of positive effects that come from eating chocolate!
Here are some interesting facts
◗ Chocolate contains antioxidants, which protect human cells from damage and aging
◗ Eating chocolate triggers the release of endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness.
◗ The cocoa contained in chocolate inhibits the growth of bacteria that produce acids which score dental enamel.
◗ By replacing high-calorie desserts with a small portion of good chocolate you can lose weight without giving up sweets.
◗ Chocolate is an excellent source of potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and copper.

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