Chocolate Story

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Welcome to the world where chocolate dreams come true!

Chocolate Story is the only plant in Poland where chocolate is produced by hand directly from cocoa beans. The entire production process takes place under one roof. Only this way we can guarantee an unprecedented, intense taste of real chocolate. We do not use cocoa powder or other intermediates in our plates. It’s just like with the juice squeezed straight from the fruit – it’s incomparably better than the one from the concentrate.

We use a variety of cocoa beans – each of them has its own character and a huge impact on the taste of chocolate. Flavor notes derived from the cocoa beans are tried to be adequately emphasized by additives such as: ginger, cranberry, flower of sea salt and many more. We are very proud of our creations, but at the same time we know that each of you has their own chocolate dreams. We want to meet them! We can compose specially for you chocolate on “wish”, exactly what you’ve always dreamed of!

Welcome to the magical world of chocolate!

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